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Daylight and Sunlight and Overshadowing
advice for Developers

All our studies are carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the Building Research Establishment Report 209 “Site Layout Planning for Daylight & Sunlight, a guide to good , practice” 2011 second edition and British Standard 8206:2 Part 2. This is our default criterion that is used for daylight and sunlight assessment.


We recognise that other criteria may also need to be considered for daylight and sunlight assessment therefore we will use this criteria when relevant such as:-


BREEAM Code for Sustainable Homes


BREEAM Code for Sustainable Commercial Property. CIBSE Application Manual: Window Design (1987)


Housing Health and Safety Rating System part of the Housing Act 2004 & 2006 legislation


RICS Guidance Note “Daylighting and Sunlighting”
Mark Behan is a member of the working group that produced this guidance note. This guidance note provides advice to surveyors who accept instructions to advise on daylight, sunlight and shadow calculations for developments. It explains the different types of assessment available, reporting procedures and the roles that the Chartered Surveyor will need to perform.