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Overshadowing studies (permanent and transient)


This is a typical transient shadow image. In this example the existing scenario effect is shown in the left viewports at 1pm and 2pm with the comparison proposed effects at the same time in the right viewports.


This is a typical permanent shadow assessment which is the culmination of all transient shadow throughout the day where two or more hours of direct sunlight falls on the amenity area. The purpose of this study is to measure the effect of the loss of light to amenity.


This is a detailed shadow assessment with full rendering including materials for a realistic effect. The purpose of this assessment is to give the designer a feel for how the building will perform in terms of overshadowing to the rear amenity area.


Transient shadow movie for the property in image 3 which shows the animation of the days shadow path on the spring equinox (21st March)


RICS Guidance Note “Daylighting and Sunlighting”
Mark Behan is a member of the working group that produced this guidance note. This guidance note provides advice to surveyors who accept instructions to advise on daylight, sunlight and shadow calculations for developments. It explains the different types of assessment available, reporting procedures and the roles that the Chartered Surveyor will need to perform.